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Eco Friendly Honeycomb Cushioning Paper 500mm x 250m - 80gsm

Eco Friendly Honeycomb Cushioning Paper 500mm x 250m - 80gsm

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Protect your items with this 500mm X 250m (expandable to 400m) - 80gsm 100% FSC recycled Honeycomb paper.

Honeycomb paper packaging is a roll of kraft paper that is pre-cut into a honeycomb shape. The paper appears flat, but after being stretched by hand or by a honeycomb paper machine, it becomes a honeycomb unit to form a 3d honeycomb paper pad. Honeycomb paper wrap can prevent products from moving and has perfect cushioning, shock-proof and scratch-proof effects.

Comprised of hexagonal shaped cells, our honeycomb wrap eliminates the need for tape or glue by easily interlocking to firmly secure a wide range of fragile or heavyweight products. By making tape and glue redundant, it is an extremely fast way of packing and intuitive to use, cutting both pack time and the chance of breakages.

Our 100% recycled biodegradable honeycomb paper, also known as 'hivewrap' is available in 500mm x 250m rolls with the ability to expand to over 400 metres.

Because of its special structure after stretching, less material will be used compared with traditional packaging materials, such as small bubble cloth plastic foam boxes, etc. The space occupancy rate of honeycomb paper is very low. Not only is hivewrap convenient to use, it will also save about 80% of storage space.

An Eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable alternative to foam or plastic packaging.

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