Coreless Paper Fillers for Packaging 100% FSC®


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    Paper Filler for Packaging and Packing

    Protect your items with this 100% FSC® recycled packaging filler paper.

    Our void fill is perfect for wrapping, stuffing or surrounding a wide variety of items. The paper filler for packaging is used to fill the empty space between the item and the box/container leaving less room for your item to be knocked around and potentially damaged, providing a low cost, environmentally friendly source of protective packaging, that can be used in almost any industry.

    The thinness of the paper fillers for packaging makes it durable enough to stuff in to delicate items such as a vase, pack tightly around the item to prevent it moving during transportation, as well as being thick enough to provide excellent strength and protection.

    The packaging filler paper rolls have been converted with no cardboard core running through the centre of the reel, making it very simple to use. Stand the roll upright, pull the desired amount from the centre of the roll and tear at the required length.

    This product is extremely Eco friendly due to the sustainably sourced material used to make it, which is all 100% FSC® accredited.


    • Paper filler for packaging is compact and easy to store
    • Low cost and environmentally friendly
    • Used in a wide variety of industries including, ecommerce, storage, postal and packaging businesses, etc
    • Lightweight and easy to handle
    • Can be used in conjunction with a number of different packaging machines and dispensers
    • Available in two different thicknesses, 80 & 100gsm
    • Fully recyclable, biodegradable and FSC® certified
    • Can be supplied in quantities ranging from 1 box, up to multiple pallet loads
    • Extremely safe to use around children and animals, compared to other paper fillers for packaging products such as plastic packaging peanuts, etc, which can be potentially dangerous.
    • Rolls are shipped via next day delivery

    If you want to fill your spaces in an eco-friendly style, take a look at our packaging filler paper in our online shop, or contact us for more information.

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80gsm 600m x 300mm, 100gsm 500m x 300mm