Felt Carpet Underlay Floor Lining Paper


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Protect your foam backed carpets and underlays with this 100% FSC® accredited paper carpet underlay roll.


Felt Lining Paper is laid directly on to the sub floor, this helps to stop dust rising through the floorboards, stops drafts and provides an extra layer of insulation. It also prevents the foam underlay and carpet lining paper from being stuck to the floorboards/concrete, therefore making it much easier to remove in the future.

The floor lining paper material comes on a roll, converted around a 2 inch core, making it easy to position and lay. Simply roll out the required length of felt lining paper and then cut/shape with a Stanley knife.

The rolls can also be used for general floor protection against mud, paint or general debris from decorating and children’s activities.

Eco friendly paper carpet underlay product made from 100% Recycled FSC® accredited material.